Not Your Ordinary Diner

What is a “Diner”? Merriam Webster defines diner as a small, informal and inexpensive restaurant that looks like a railroad car. We have to admit this definition does not sound very appetizing. That is why we designed Skylark to reflect what we think a Diner should be! So what is a Skylark Diner? We define it as a comfortable and relaxed restaurant with a wide ranging menu that offers honest pricing. A restaurant that can host a business meeting, social lunch, brunch with mom, first date or a family meal where everyone can find something that appeals to them. Skylark created a totally different class of restaurant by offering a collection of dishes from around the world, created by a classically trained Chef, while still providing a unique rendition of top notch classic diner fare. Thought and care goes into everything that we do from sourcing our ingredients, recipes and preparation, seasonal drink menus and training our staff. Your dining experience begins with complimentary Artisanal baked bread and finishes with house prepared desserts. The direction you choose for your meal is up to you with our unique and wide ranging menu. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, even if you weren’t sure what to expect. - Skylark Diner and Lounge


Sun - Thu

7am - 11pm

Fri - Sat

7am - 1am

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